ERES JUGADOR? ENTRENADOR? PDF con 20 consejos imprescindibles en tu mejora – descarga gratis

20 Consejos para mejorar como jugador de baloncesto:

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1.- How can I get myself out of a shooting slump?
2 – How do I become a better 3-point shooter?
3 – How can I become a “clutch” foul shooter?
4 – How can I feel more comfortable dribbling against pressure?
5 – How can I better apply my drill work in games?
6 – If I only have an hour, what should I practice?
7 – I get really nervous before games, how can I feel more comfortable?
8 – I work hard in practice but the coach doesn’t seem to notice me. How can I get the coach to notice me and get more playing time?
9 – How do I get my shot off quicker?
10 – I am usually the smallest player on the court, how do I play against bigger players?
11 – How can I figure out what a good shot is?
12 – What is the most effective way to play against defenses designed to stop good shooters (such as man to man chaser or a box and 1)?
13 – How can I defend someone who is much quicker than me?
14 – How can I avoid getting trapped with the ball?
15 – How can I get my teammates to pass me the ball?
16 – If I want to improve, how often should I practice and how often should I play?
17 – What can I do to become more explosive?
18 – At what age should I start to weight train?
19 – What type of weight training is best for basketball?
20 – How can I get recruited to play in college?


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