Sistema de ataque mas demoledor que existe Run and Gun

Dave Arseneault, Grinnell College Head Coach, Named one of “Sports Illustrated Top 10 Innovative Coaches in Basketball Today,” 3X Midwest Conference Coach of the Year, 3X Midwest Conference Champs





Coach Arseneault has made his mark in history by setting the NCAA record for scoring in a season (’01- ’02) when his team averaged 124.9 ppg, connecting on 20.4 3-pointers per contest! His squads have led the NCAA in scoring for 10 straight years! Arseneault has used his innovative coaching techniques and strategy to further develop and tweak his new and improved offensive system. Using markerboard presentation, on-court demonstration and game footage, Arseneault shares the evolution of his running game and the adjustments he has made to overcome opponent strategies. He demonstrates how to get your team running and scoring after all possible situations, where each player knows their responsibility after a live turnover, a score, after a handle and after offensive and defensive rebounds. He teaches all of these strategies using multiple full-court drills getting every player involved. In addition, Arseneault shares more than 10 of his favorite shooting drills to prepare every player to be a good shooter. 71 minutes. 2004.


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